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Because VR is dead but buzzwords still rock!

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Timo Tokens change the fundamental dynamics of PR and digital communication based on public consent. It will increase the level of trust between the internet and Timo which leads to extensive reach on social media, blogs, YouTube and all other important digital platforms.

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*The graph does not necessarily resemble the actual price performance and has only one actual foreseeable event. And I don't know why the value of Timo Token should even correlate with my PR performance.

How TTX will change the game

Timo's (A)I enables users easily generate reach without even thinking about social media. Since starting to work as a consultant, Timo has built a strong track record in state of the art communication experience based on deep learning and gamification. With Timo Tokens you show Timo the highest level of trust.

Exploiting the next big hype

Almost everyone profits from massive shilling of crypto currencies on Reddit by bots, over-enthusiastic investors and media hype. Having an actual product is an optional thing to make money out of nothing. Timo Tokens leverage this thought of self-learning AI technology and state of the art deep learning, mixing it with emotional messages and gamification, to deliver this exceptional Internet-of-Person experience. I am the 1st German ICO driving communications consultant. Join me in milking the next big hype after VR and AR. Give me your trust!

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Timo Radzik

CEO / Development / Marketing

Entrepeneur, Consultant


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"I don't get why Timo Tokens need a Blockchain but It sounds technical and important so I'm in!"

Jim Bezels, Billionaire


"2012 I didn't invest in Bitcoin and I am mad about it. Now I don't miss a chance to spend money at ICOs."

Sunday Pie, Investor


"I know Timo as an exeptional consultant. Since I heard of Timo Tokens I want to throw money at him."

Dave Saltymountain, Expert